Well you may wonder what the purpose of my site is... 

I don't really know.  It's just my spot where I put whatever I need on the web on the web.  This site does whatever the heck I want it to.

I will post various things here.  Many will be for a game called minecraft (I make mods for it, and frankly it's an addictive game),

some stuff will be about me, and what I have made. 

Now about myself...

Well seeing as this is infact my website I will tell you about me...  I'm Chase, allthough you may know me as Mr. Hobo, or Eldric.  I

am learning a bit of java, and I know a tiny bit of C++, but I stopped learning that and learned java instead.  I have learned java much

faster than I was learning C++, mainly because of my tutorial.  I frankly don't really know as well as some people, but I would say java is

better.  If you wanna learn java I have a tab that shows the basics of java.  (at the moment that's a lie... But it's coming)

I do too much on the computer.  I've made some stuff myself actually... I'll post the games I've made under the gaming/entertainment tab.  I have an

interest in writing as well... I do enjoy writing, and I'll post the first page or 2 of a book I started writing, however, please realize that all though

I have typed up 60 pages for that book, the other 58 pages aren't so good as the first 2.  Especially most of the first chapter.  My love of writing

is mostly due to my love of reading.  You see, my parents used to have a ridiculously early bedtime for me (well I felt it was, but I'm sure

someone has a worse one) , and I could never sleep, so I resorted to doing whatever I could.  I didn't have a TV in my room, and my parents

often caught me on the computer.  However, when I read, I was able to hide it much better, and my parents were often thrilled to see me

reading when they did catch me(not true anymore... Now that I like reading, sometimes they would like me to read less...).  Well It just so happens I read so much I began to like it.  And, now I have all sorts of ideas for books, but no one is gonna just write them that's my job.

Well now you know my interests.  That's about it.  I'm smart, but got crappy grades, and I am 14 years.  (I know you normally put the

age and gender first, but I don't really care.) I live in Utah, in a small valley with 3 ski resorts, and a lake.  Nice to meat you all.


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Just because I wonder, I'll put a hit counter in ;) 

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